A Little Of Me

Originally from an immediate family of eight (which has both shrunk and grown over the years), and an extended family large enough to put together enough teams for it’s own basketball tournament. Volleyball player enjoying the blessing of being able to travel the world with my sport. Proud auntie and sister. Believer in Jesus and happily dedicated to living my life for Him. Always humbled, amazed, and in love with the things He is teaching me, and the way He pushes me to grow (when I’m not feeling like I need to be in control, and allow Him to do so).


One thought on “A Little Of Me

  1. Hey Kelc,

    I ran into another basketball coach recently and we were reminiscing about the good ol’ days of STS basketball. I was thinking about you and wondering what you were up to…and now I see that you are doing great things!

    Your mentorship and coaching of the next generation makes me especially proud. 🙂 I read a few of your blog posts and I am very impressed. The “birthday” post remembering your dad made me tear up. I remember the first game that he came to was at Oilfields and you warned us that we would be able to hear him. 🙂 He was a wonderful man and so proud of you. I’m sure that you can still hear his voice in the back of your head.

    Anyway, just wanted to drop you a line and wish you the best!!! I hope that your siblings (and their families) and your mom are doing well.

    Take care,

    Candice (Haas) McKay

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